This Is Your Blog Too


While this blog has been mostly a monolog so far, that’s not the intention going forward. My comments are meant to be a conversation starter.  Let’s dialog. Add your two cents not only in the comments space but by emailing me suggestions for links and topics for discussion. Write a post, send it to me, and if it’s relevant to this blog, I will post it.  And if you really have a lot to say, start a blog and we’ll link to it!  Please put macrochef in the subject line and send emails to

–Gary Alinder, September 28, 2009

Thanks to Miklane Janner for putting up a Monday night dinner photo gallery:



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  1. We are also looking for other bloggers to join me in contributing regularly to macrochef. Make this your outlet for reaching a wider audience and help in creating that audience. Make it your blog as well. It can be a great forum for passing along information, opinions and publicizing what you do. Get those creative juices flowing!

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