Move On, Old Folks

This one is addressed to those of us fifty and over.  Do you ever suspect that the wunderkind twenty-and-thirty-somethings who create the new techie products deliberately design them to be unfathomable to anyone over fifty? Sometimes I really do wonder. Last week I bought a digital camera so  I can take photos for posting on this blog.  First thing you need to do is charge and install the battery and also the memory card.  So far, so good.  Then, you are instructed to set the time.  There is a vague diagram, but no real instructions on how to do this.  I’ve concluded that the instructions must be in a subliminal language known only to the young insiders.  It’s their way of saying, “move on old folks, it’s our world now.” But you know what? Eventually, with help, I will figure it out, and when  you start seeing lots of photos on this blog you’ll know that callow youth has lost this round.  So watch out, wunderkind, we baby-boomers aren’t quite done yet!

–Gary Alinder


One response

  1. This is Bob at Gary’s, come to help with his camera. To make a long story short, I set the date and time, but tomorrow we are taking it back for a Mac friendly camera like mine. I may be over 50, but I’m not stupid. I love Apple!

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