Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Show (Must See TV!)

Is it my imagination or is Martha Stewart turning into an advocate of eating less meat and more veggies?  Her recent  vegetarian show is the best TV I’ve seen on the topic all year. Her guests are Robert Kenner, producer of the Academy-Award nominated documentary “Food, Inc.;” Joel Salatin, one of the organic farmers who appears in the movie; Jeremy Fox, chef at Ubuntu, the upscale vegetarian restaurant in Napa; and Jonathan Safran Foer, author the book “Eating Animals.” Martha’s always been intelligent and well organized, but in later years she seems warmer and more relaxed, and that’s a good thing!  Thanks to SkyAnn McGrath for the tip on this.



In this brief, little-seen video from summer 2008, then-Senator Obama answers a question from Nikki Benoit of Vegan Outreach. It’s clear that Mr. Obama, in general terms, gets what’s wrong and senses what needs to be done. We shall see if that understanding translates into change in Washington.


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