The Experience of Awakening


Mary Morgan, activist, seeker, writer, world-traveler, shares  her thoughts (below) on the  experience of  awakening.  This is Mary’s first contribution to Macrochef and we  hope her insights will become a regular feature.   Welcome Mary!


Hyde Park covered in Snow

The geese love this snow.

They sniff and poke at it.

A black and white bird unknown to me comes to play and perform.

The women with black veils covering their faces,

Bring their children to feed the birds.

I put on my ski mask to join the fun.

A wonderful Dim Sun Restaurant provides fish soup, Jasmin tea, egg fried rice, and vegetable dumplings.

5 older heavy men drinking their Champaign cheers at the next table.  Long lunches in London.

Bright lights of Christmas every where. I make friends with an Italian woman in the queue, who tells me to purchase “Italian Panettone” the ceremonial Christmas cake for the dinner party tonight.

London is exciting, with many different languages being spoken.

And all spirits coming together to celebrate Christ’s birth.

Mary Morgan, London, December 23, 2009




There is  the experience of Awakening,

rather than just hearing about awakening.

BUT, It’s not enough JUST to have the experience.

How  INTIMATE  are we with that experience?

And everything that that intimacy  holds.

It is not enough to have the experience and then stop.

You must have many different experiences.

Then you must be able to forget them all.

And you must have the immense patience

to wait until they return to us and transform us.

Only when they have changed into our very blood,

into glance and gesture, and are nameless,

no longer to be distinguished from ourselves,

no longer separate from this form.

Only then are we intimate with this Transformation.

Only then does this Awakening become our very blood.

Mary Morgan, Inverness, CA., December 12, 2009


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