Julia Ferré Brings Energy for Healing to Palo Alto

Julia Ferré (right) making seitan at the French Meadows Summer Camp

Julia Ferré will bring the wisdom of her work with energy and healing to the Monday night dinner in Palo Alto on February 22nd.  Julia talks about what participants can expect:
“I was introduced to group healing in a 15-week Qi Gong class. We sat in a circle and took turns being in the middle, on the receiving end of Qi Gong energy as it was transferred from other members. At the first class, I was curious amidst a group of doubters. By the last class, I was energized among a group of eager participants.

“Energy in a group is a community event, similar to the Monday Night Dinner in Palo Alto where individuals dine together, converse together, and come together in a fellowship beyond mere nutrition. Food is vital, of course, and healthy food provides the basis for sound health. Food in community provides additional benefits. Besides camaraderie, there is a heightened sense of good will, a feeling of inclusion that permeates the individual longer than the hour or so spent at the social hall.

“Energy is like this. It enhances well being during the event and continues beyond. In my life, I seek to work with this type of energy in all of my endeavors, whether cooking meals at home, teaching at French Meadows Summer Camp, or providing sessions in Reiki or hypnosis.

“I am pleased to be able to share some of these ideas and exercises at the Monday Night Dinner on February 22, 2010. Energy is available to all of us day and night, seven days a week. I plan to show some practical things to do—and think—at home, and finish the evening with a group exercise. After the group activity, and depending on time and interest, I will be available to provide individuals with a 1 to 2 minute Reiki energy boost, to enhance your well being and the energy of your spirit.”

Find out how to attend Julia’s talk and the Monday night dinner here.

Learn more about Julia and the George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation here.


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