Mary Morgan’s Travels: Storm Over Kauai

Mary Morgan's view of a storm blowing in over Kauai

Blog contributor Mary Morgan’s latest travels take her to Kauai, from there she reports:

I was on the trail this morning before dawn. Strong storm came in. The seas are a foam. And high winds. I made it down from the mountains in about 6 hours, but with beauty of humpback whales breaching into the rainbows hanging over the seas, and waterfalls gushing out from black volcano rock, and birds of the jungles calling with the rain coming down kissing the rain forest.

Magical. I wouldn’t have given it up for a million sunlit hikes.


Today a storm with high winds and huge waves hit Kauai.

I went to the beach to see the storm.

But a cave across the street called.

I went inside. And the Silence from the storm was so still.

The invitation to sit and sink into that Silence was so restful.

I spent the whole afternoon, inside that Silence, safe from the storm.

I invited also any of those inward storms to come into that Silence.

There they too could also be transformed into that Silence and Stillness.

Mary Morgan, in the Silence of the Storm, Kauai, Hawaii, February 25, 2010

The cave where Mary Morgan spent three hours meditating and listening to the storm.


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