Deborah Madison: The Queen of Soups

If you love to make soup, eat soup, read about soup or even just look at pretty pictures of soup, this is the book for you. Long ago, Deborah Madison was chef at Greens, the iconic vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, and since has had a formidable career as author of award-winning cookbooks. It is easy to see why she has been so successful.  This is a thoroughly classy book, well designed, beautifully photographed, chock full of sensible, enticing recipes.  It’s a book I wish I’d written, and I can’t remember ever saying that before.  Maybe it’s just that she and I are on similar wave lengths.  Although I only recently stumbled upon this book, I’ve been cooking soups similar to hers for years.  Some  of the recipes contain milk, cream or butter, but most of those could easily be adapted for vegans. Organized both by soup type and by season, it’s a book I expect to turn to often. Although it was published in 2006, it’s still available in stores and on Amazon.  So, if  you love to make soup, do yourself  a favor. And please, invite me over to taste the results.


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