The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics

When I first encountered macrobiotics, decades ago (dinosaurs still roamed the earth!) the teachers were nearly all men in dark suits. And while they have my respect, I’m glad that’s no longer true.   People of varied styles and genders teach today, among them, Jessica Porter, a woman who obviously refuses to take herself too seriously since she’s titled her book, her web site and her blog, “The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics.” While I haven’t dipped into her book yet, it’s apparent from her web site and blog that she’s a talented communicator. In addition to being a macrobiotic teacher, she’s also an actress, stand-up comedian and hypnotherapist specializing in smoking cessation. She has a 12-hour series of cooking classes available to purchase for download from her web site.  I enjoyed watching a recent segment she did on KGO-TV  on how “laughter can heal all ailments.” You’ll be laughing too!

People often ask me, “what the heck is macrobiotics anyway?” Jessica seems to have taken it as part of her mission to try to answer that question as simply and humorously as possible.  Here’s a brief excerpt from her web site: “The macrobiotic diet has gotten a bad rap for being restrictive and limiting when—paradoxically—it’s actually about freedom and expansion. You see, we need to eat good-quality food—most of the time—in order to live long, healthy, hip lives. But good health earns us the ability to play freely, eating funkier foods some of the time. These days, with muffins, cappuccinos and microwave dinners making up our daily fare, we’re eating in a way that actually weakens our bodies and minds over time. When we end up depressed, or anxiety-ridden, we’re told it’s all in our heads, when very often, it’s all on our plates.”


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