Signs of Spring: Point Reyes and West Marin

Green hills of Marin line Tomales Bay

If we take the time to look and listen, there’s a lot of natural beauty to be experienced in the Bay Area.  I particularly love Point Reyes, an easy day trip. Because  we’ve had average or above rainfall this season, Point Reyes is vibrant, with streams running full and the woodlands and hills a lush green. Luckily, I was able to visit there this past week and my photo essay follows…

Huckleberries in bloom. Huckleberries were part of the diet of the Coast Miwoks who had settlements in this area for thousands of years.

California Bay Laurel, also provided food for the Coast Miwoks. Notice the incredible vitality of this tree, from a fallen trunk, at least seven trunk-like limbs have grown up.

Not all plants are friendly. Poison oak can be a low-growing plant, a shrub or a vine, and it changes it's look from season to season. Be alert!

Nicasio Reservoir, frighteningly low last fall, now full.

Divide Meadow

Wild Flowers lining Bear Valley Trail

Fast flowing little streams abound

Woodland Iris

Yellow-greens of newly-sprouted leaves

Streamlet with ferns

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