Watch the Iron Chef Contest at Berkeley’s Willard Middle School

For more than ten years, Berkeley public schools have led the way in teaching healthy eating and cooking, beginning in kindergarten. My friend, Susanne Jensen, who is also a natural foods chef,  has been teaching cooking at Willard Middle School since the program began.  She forwarded this YouTube link to a wonderful seven-minute documentary about one of their classroom Iron Chef contests. It’s inspiring, amusing and entertaining all at once. At a time when fewer people are cooking at home, it is good to know that at least in Berkeley, kids are cooking in school. Watch, and feel better about how the younger generation is doing!

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  1. What a wonderful way to start Palm Sunday! I always wondered how different our world would be if we truly shared what we have always known to be the true secret to a good life and good health – good food, raised organically, and cooked naturally to nourish and appeal to all of the human senses. This is what would happen! Healthy humans, and young ones at that, growing the food, loving the food, touching, and cooking the food with such great delight. The teachers here show the way; the kids get on board and go. Thank God for the teachers, for those who give their experience away for a better world. Thanks to you as well, Gary, for sharing with us.

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