Your Vote Will Help Build a Community Garden in Vallejo

Site of a future community garden, Mare Island, Vallejo, California (bleak now, but it could be beautiful)

Vallejo, my home city for the past two years, has suffered some setbacks in these difficult economic times, but things here are far from bleak. I’m finding there are lots of people working on projects of real benefit to our city. One of the most exciting is something you can help with. Just take a few moments, click here and vote to help Vallejo get funding from Nature’s Path Organics to establish an organic community garden.  Nature’s Path is offering grants of $25,000 each to two such projects nationwide, and the winner will be determined by which one gets the most votes on line. In Vallejo, land, water and volunteers are in place, but it will take money to see this through. The fruit, produce, herbs and eggs from the garden will be donated to homeless, needy and elderly residents and the garden will be used to teach sustainable growing methods.  Volunteers will come from several community groups as well as the USDA Forest Service which has offices nearby. Teachers from Mare Island Elementary School, across the street, hope to use the garden as a teaching tool as well.  So, please show Vallejo some love, and vote for our community garden before the May 31st deadline.


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