Home Schooling: Cooking a New Recipe a Day

Megan, Alexandra and Samantha Carmichael, enthusiastic cooks in their home kitchen

When Alexandra Carmichael began cooking with her daughters as part of home schooling, she was pleased that Megan, 4 1/2, and Samantha, 7 1/2, turned out to be enthusiastic cooks.  And I’m gratified that they are using recipes from this blog as one of their main inspirations. Alexandra also draws from her favorite cookbook, Cynthia Lair’s “Feeding the Whole Family” and from Lair’s website, Cookus Interruptus, which features recipes and over 100 often amusing cooking videos. They’ve tackled recipes for white bean and mushroom minestrone, cranberry walnut muffins and tempeh stroganoff, among lots of others. To see more photos of what this threesome is up to, check out Alexandra’s blog. You’ll also see  her comments on a variety of challenges life poses. Well worth a look.

Update (June 22nd): Samantha Carmichael came to help us prep vegetables yesterday in the kitchen of First Baptist Church for our Monday Night Dinner in Palo Alto. And a great and enthusiastic worker she proved to be. Dad, Daniel, looks on.


3 responses

  1. Thanks so much, Gary! What an honor to be included on your blog. Your macrobiotic dinners have been a great source of inspiration to our family over the years – encouraging us to try new fantastic flavors and experiment intuitively in the kitchen. And with the obesity epidemic rampaging the country, your model of healthy, delicious community meals are a ray of light reminding us all that eating can be a beautiful, mindful way to both nourish our bodies and connect our souls. We are grateful to have found you.

    • Daniel, It was great to have you and Samantha work with us yesterday. Generally, we welcome people to come work with us when we can. I hope you and Samantha will join us again. Gary

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