French Meadows: You’re Never too Young or too Old to Come to Summer Camp

Lunch at French Meadows Summer Camp, Paul Schmitt, author of this post, is the dude in the straw hat. (photo by Gerard Lum)

Every summer for decades, folks have been gathering for ten days in the clean air of the Sierras to enjoy nature, each other’s company, to learn useful skills for a happy life and to eat delicious, simple, organic, vegetarian food, cooked in recent years by Susanne Jensen and Packy Conway.  This year’s camp takes place from July 17-26th. Regular camper, Paul Schmitt tells us why he loves this camp and why he attends every year:

Summer has arrived. and with it, a host of kids camps. for this. that. AND the other.

me, i’m going to camp too. macrobiotic summer camp. in the mountains. all ages. pine trees. worth marveling at. boulders, appropriately taken for granite. a cold stream, often heard, not seen. and people. all kinds of people. hanging out. eating. cooking. walking. talking. oh, the talking. candor. in the clear mountain air. think of it.

perhaps it’s the lack of cell phone reception. opening up other receptors. the ones we brought with us. on this evolutionary journey.

Camp starts Saturday, July 17th. runs the whole week.

Most people stay until the very end, Sunday morning, July 26th.

The camp is designed to encourage thinking for oneself,

You decide which lectures you attend, which classes you take,

which activities you enjoy, and set your own level of participation, as you like it.

I appreciate hearing a few lectures each year.

especially from people that don’t make it to the bay area (much).

As for me, I’ll be there early, to help with the set up.

And will be working, half time, during the camp, as part of the work exchange program.

The camp is run by a handful of people, with Carl Ferre’ managing the whole affair.

It is one of the best run programs that I have seen in my time on this earth.

I am glad to be a part of it.

If you’re interested in checking it out, check out the website:

or come down to Palo Alto some monday soon and ask me about it in person.

See you somewhere down the road.

Paul Schmitt, human being


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