Look What I Found Today at Costco!

I bought this today at Costco–and for a very fair price (just over $13 for a 12-pound bag). Because I do catering for groups on retreat, I find Costco, the membership big-box store, very useful. They carry a wide range of decent quality food in large sizes, and at very competitive prices. Naturally, I wish they’d carry more organics, so when I spot an organic product I can use, I make sure to buy it.  But seeing Lundberg rice, really stopped me in my tracks.  For generations, Sacramento Valley-based Lundberg Family Farms has been the leading grower and marketer of organic rice and rice products in North America, and the standard against which all others are measured. Their rice cakes, for example, are so much better than the rest, they are really the only ones worth buying. While they are now a successful business with some 200 employees and 17,000 acres of rice under cultivation, when they started growing organic rice decades ago, it was a risky business on which almost no one else wanted to gamble. For upholding high standards, for continuing to be family-owned,  and for making their superior foods widely available, I salute Lundberg Farms. If whole, organic foods are ever to make it onto a majority of America’s tables, they will have to be reasonably priced and much more widely distributed. Finding Lundberg’s rice at Costco gives me hope in both regards. I thank both companies, and hope this is not a one-shot deal, but a sign of the acceptance of high quality, whole foods in a mass market setting.


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  1. Did you know you can get organic quinoa and organic cold milled flax there too? Also, flours and mixed grains too (that are organic) but the first two are pretty pricey elsewhere.

    • Joyce, Organic quinoa I’ve purchased at Costco. These days, some Costcos carry it and others don’t. I do think organic brown rice is likely to sell better, since nearly everyone knows and appreciates rice. If you see more great items at Costco or elsewhere, please feel free to share them with MacroChef readers. Thanks, Gary

  2. I’ve gotten organic sugar at Costco and, while I’ve never purchased it, they also sell Italian farro (a grain something like bulghur, I’m told).

  3. Thank you for sharing! This is exciting. We have a large family of 8 so we are usually ordering big bags at the health food store. I am able to get some organic produce at our local warehouse store and am too hopeful for more organic food staples such as this. Will be keeping my eyes open for great finds like this.

    • Donna, and if you find more great values like this, please feel free to share them with MacroChef readers, thanks, Gary

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