MacroChef is One Year Old (Happy Anniversary to Us!)

Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion" performs live at the Minnesota State Fair

Alas, I didn’t  make it to this year’s Minnesota State Fair, which closed yesterday after setting several one-day attendance records. One year ago today, a few of you may recall, my very first post on this blog was an account of  what I saw people eating at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. What an amazing year it has been!  When I began, I had very little idea of how to write or to grow a blog (I didn’t even own a digital camera!).  I just knew I wanted to share my views and my experience of thirty years as a natural foods cook.  I knew I wanted to use the blog as an excuse to deepen my own knowledge, and to reach people dedicated to eating quality food and to conserving our planet. In that first month, we received 153 views. One year, 147 posts and more than 15,000 views later, I still feel like a beginner. I’m still feeling my way to discover what niche this blog fills in a world where there are thousands of food blogs. My goals for the first year were to: 1.) post consistently, 2.) achieve a reasonably professional look and 3.) get to at least 100 views a day. Check, check (I hope), and check. For the blog’s second year, I hope to improve the quality of the writing and the photography; I hope to communicate with more clarity what this blog and community are about, and I hope to significantly widen our circle of readers. Blogging is a creative outlet I really love. Communicating with you is exciting and empowering.  I thank all of you who have read, commented and contributed. Please tell me what you’d love to see on the blog. Bloggers live for comments, and I am no exception. Thank you for a fabulous first year! (More thanks to you who have contributed, after the jump.)

Jams, jellies and honey, judged and awarded ribbons at the Minnesota State Fair

Thanks to Collin Stone, who set up the blog and encouraged me to get started. Special thanks to Mary Morgan, Robert Starkey, James Holloway, Harley Shapiro, Patricia Becker, Miklane Janner, Gerard Lum and Lee Brokaw, who have contributed writing, photographs, inspiration.  Thanks to SkyAnn, Paul Schmitt, Adele Stiller, Ilona Pollak, Chuck Collison, Susanne Jensen, Jane Kos, Michael Stokes, Suzanne Olson, Alexandra Carmichael and many others for their comments and support. Keep on keeping me honest, and keep letting me know how this blog can be useful to you.  Happy anniversary to us!


4 responses

  1. Hello, Gary.

    A wonderful, happy anniversary. I thought I had lost connection with you when I moved away from Palo Alto 13 years ago, but now feel closer than ever before through your creative and beautiful blog with pictures. You have improved my quality of life and brought happiness to my kitchen.

  2. Happy 1st year blog, Gary! It has been a wonderful 1st year of colorful photographs, interesting trips, both here and abroad, restaurant visits and reviews, and fabulous recipes and food ideas. I find reading and searching your blog to be a welcome part of my day, and a true pleasure. Thank you for your good efforts! I look forward to another year of sharing and learning with you and your macro chef blog! Cheers! Sky Ann

  3. Gary, You are doing a wonderful,informative job as a blogger, and your writing and photography is fantastic, so I’m looking forward to you improving this. Your food advise to me is ‘make it wonderful’, and I appreciate that. You manage to do that with your food, and your fine blogsite as well.. Salud….,
    James Holloway

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