Join Me for a Cooking Class of Seasonal Dishes You’ll Want to Cook Now and for the Holidays


This display of squash and pumpkins at Berkeley Bowl West in Berkeley inspires me for the seasonal cooking we'll want to do now and through to New Year's.


Rarely do I give cooking classes, and the only class I’m teaching this year is coming up on Saturday, November 13th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the comfy kitchen of a home in Menlo Park, CA.  These classes are always  a great social get together–I enjoy them because I get to know people better, and I never fail to learn a lot from those who attend.  There are still openings in the class–if you’d like to attend, email me at to register. Fee for the class including a full lunch is $45. Here’s the menu:

Gingered Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Corn & Sage

Wild Rice Croquettes w/ Mushrooms, Seitan and Mushroom Gravy (or use basic recipe as stuffing)

Heavenly Vegan Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes

Cranberry Compote

Brussels Sprouts w/Lemon Zest, Golden Raisins, Toasted Hazelnuts and Hazelnut Dressing

Mixed Baby Greens w/ a Special Holiday Vinaigrette

Pecan Tart (Sweetened with Dates and Maple Syrup) with Rich Vanilla Tofu Creme (new recipe!)


Meredith McCarty and Susanne Jensen are both giving classes in the afternoon on November 13th, so why not take one of their classes in the afternoon and make a full day of it?  It’s a really good idea if you are coming from a distance. More information on Meredith’s classes here, and on Susanne’s classes, here.

Above: Display of squash and pumpkins at Berkeley Bowl West, in Berkeley.


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