It’s That Time of Year Again: Will a Turkey Be Involved?


It is that time of year again.  Sometimes I feel like I’d rather be on a desert isle somewhere, and just skip this whole Thanksgiving thing altogether.  Other times, I look forward to it. This year, somewhere in between. Thankfully, my friend Bob has decided to treat several of his friends to Thanksgiving dinner in the Napa Valley, and I won’t have to cook or even think about it. Although I’m not a vegan, Thanksgiving is always more about the stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed sweet potatoes, than it is about the turkey.  Will I partake this year? Most likely, yes.  Tradition counts, as I learned when I lived with macrobiotic teachers Herman and Cornellia Aihara one winter. Cornellia, ever the prodigious cook, did a turkey with cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, because,  well, that’s what you do on Thanksgiving. But if you don’t do turkey, I think a wonderful meal can be made of the sides, some of which I’ll be featuring in the next week or two on this blog. If you feel the need for a vegan turkey substitute, Jessica Porter, has a recipe on her blog for a tofu turkey.  It looks good, a little bit complicated, but not too difficult–so I commend it to you. And after Thanksgiving, I’ll report back on whether that Napa Valley feast was all it was cracked up to be.

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