Macrobiotics: Mary Morgan’s Healing Thanksgiving Day Feast


Perfect squash being prepared for the steamer.

Note: Blog contributor Mary Morgan, who is currently working in New York City, decided to a take her Thanksgiving break in the lovely, but-chilly-this-time-of-year seacoast town of Camden, Maine.  Feeling under the weather with a cold, Mary spent Thanksgiving day in, resting and recuperating. Hungry when she woke up, and drawing on her long experience in the preparation of healing food, she made this meal for herself in a friend’s beautiful kitchen.  Having rested and eaten well, she felt better on Friday, and much better in time to celebrate her birthday on Saturday! Here, in her own pictures and words, is what Mary made for her quiet Thanksgiving of recovery.

The perfect vegetables, with lovely squash which I steamed and drank the sweet juice.

Short grain brown rice which I topped with kale, and also a topping of crispy kale stems.

Kale was king!! Cooking all on the amazing stove with the big cast iron pot..

Kale and onions sashaying in a small cast iron skillet. Kale and onions were so good, I prepared it again!!

Crisp fresh kale was in many different dishes, such as kale and rice, and onion, kale in soup with tofu and carrots, and kale with kale.

Interesting topping I made with onion, garlic, rice and stems of kale, cooked to a slight crunchy texture and sprinkled over the tops of squash, or vegetables.

Miso soup with carrots, tofu and onion. Topping of greens of various kinds.

Melody of root vegetables, carrots, turnips, onions with tofu, plain short grain brown rice which I topped with kale, and also crispy kale stems.

Squash cooked in its skin with onion, garlic and parsley. Short grain brown rice topped with kale stems, onion, garlic, parsley and a drop of shoyu.

Good to the last bite! With much gratitude for such healing and lovely food. Mary Morgan


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  1. Wow Mary, this looks like an amazing feast! I would love to have a
    Thanksgiving like you did. (Perhaps next year?) As a matter of fact, I’m dealing with a cold now and although I have no appetite (and nothing tastes good), what you cooked looks incredible. Well done and happy belated birthday!

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