So Long to 2010: Highlights From a Year of MacroChef


My recipe for a rich vegan gingerbread cake appeared in April.


Because most of you who are reading MacroChef now weren’t with us a year ago, I thought I’d  recap some of the highlights of 2010. (One of the most gratifying things for me has been the growth in readership –7 or 8 times more readers this month compared to December, 2009). But enough of the celebrating, here’s a reminder of what happened on MacroChef in the past 12 months:  In January, Miklane Janner wrote about her favorite places to eat organically in the East Bay, Mary Morgan continued a diary and photo essay of her travels through India, and photographer Harley Shapiro contributed a photo essay on the fresh foods of Thailand. (Highlights from February to December, after the jump)

In February, I wrote a remembrance of people dear to us who have passed on from this life; Harley Shapiro contributed a photo essay on the food and culture of Cambodia, and I posted a photo of a certain blogger driving a tractor while cultivating a soy bean field back in 1960.


In March, James Holloway contributed two of his great soup recipes; we initiated three regular features on the blog: Menu of the WeekCooking Techniques, and a series on Basic Ingredients, beginning with miso. The month ended with a post on maple syrup making on my family’s farm in Minnesota.

We asked the question “Is All Salt Created Equal?” in April, and with the help of Robert Bonnell in France, we attempted to get at an answer here and here. We explored the history of Shaker cookery, and I posted what I think is a really good recipe for vegan gingerbread cake (one of my favorites!).

Robert Bonnell's photo of salt ponds on the French Atlantic coast.

Those of you who garden will want to know about the Common Ground store in Palo Alto, which I wrote about in May.  I posted 101 Menu Ideas for Summertime Meals and a link to Paul McCartney’s endorsement of Meatless Mondays. And You Won’t Believe It’s Not Cream Cheese!, the recipe is here.

In June we did a story about how Alexandra Carmichael and her young daughters Megan and Samantha use MacroChef for home schooling. A MacroChef’ photo and recipe for stir-fried long beans was published for the first time by Tastespotting, a major food site, resulting in hundreds of extra views. And Paul Schmitt told us in his inimitable style why he participates in the French Meadows Summer Camp every year.

In July, I posted a tutorial on making seitan, and a recipe for making an excellent burger from mushrooms, cashews and brown rice. Want to know about ten of my favorite moderately-priced restaurants in San Francisco? It’s all here. I also wrote about millet, a delicious and under-appreciated grain, and included a recipe for millet and corn croquettes.

The perfect burger? Made from mushrooms, cashews and brown rice.

In August, Susanne Jensen shared her well-loved chocolate chip cookie recipe; I gave directions for making a perfect stir fry every time, Robert Starkey recreated Maria’s Tomato Pie as made in the village of Loutro, on the Greek Island of Crete, and I was shocked to find Lundberg’s organic short grain brown rice at Costco!

Local corn is very much in season in September, and I created a recipe for Chinese White Cabbage and Corn Soup. Sea Vegetables were on my mind in this post, and Lee Brokaw shared his secret for a healthy garden (hint: get friendly with your local fish monger). Oh yes, MacroChef celebrated its first anniversary.

Chinese White Cabbage and Corn Soup

Winter squashes in great abundance show up in markets in October, and thousands of readers worldwide saw this recipe and photo of MacroChef’s Brazilian Butternut Squash Soup after it is was picked up by mainstream food sites. I explored food of America’s heartland with a photo essay of my visit to the farmer’s market in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Interested in making a delicious vegan coconut and chocolate flan?  The recipe from our October archives is here.

Brazilian Butternut Squash Soup

In November, Robert Bonnell wrote about and photographed a pumpkin festival in France’s Loire Valley.  Also, I brought wild rice back with me from Minnesota and shared my recipe for wild rice croquettes, and I learned to love Brussels sprouts. Mary Morgan created a simple, nourishing Thanksgiving meal in Camden, Maine.

Finally, December. We began the month by celebrating Hanukkah with a recipe for sweet potato latkes. I visited Iron Chef Morimoto’s new restaurant in downtown Napa (glitzy setting, very good food). The holidays were on my mind as I posted recipes for pecan pie, cranberry nut bread and raspberry gem cookies, and I promised to post recipes from my annual New Year’s Day open house.

Lunch at Morimoto Napa.

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  1. Happy New Year, macrochef! I’ve really enjoyed your posts this year. I always, always look forward to them. Thanks for reminding me how many recipes I’ve yet to try with this post! I wish you another wonderful year.


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