Making Sauerkraut at Home, Nine Days Later



On January 14th I wrote a post and put up a photograph of my sauerkraut-making project on day one. Today, nine days later, my sauerkraut-to-be looks like this. The color is great, the taste is mild and not all that salty, and the texture, still a bit crunchy. It’s very edible now, but I think another week or so of fermentation will yield something more closely resembling classic sauerkraut. Today, I added a quarter cup of lemon juice, because the cabbage is amazingly sweet considering that there has been no sweetener added and because lemon perks up the flavor of almost everything.  Once I’ve replaced the weight, all the cabbage will again be submerged in the brine. I’ll keep checking every other day, and later I will probably add garlic and more lemon juice. So far, knock on wood, everything is going perfectly, no mold or unpleasant smells at all.  In fact, it’s going so well, I’ll soon start another batch to serve on a Monday night in Palo Alto. A step-by-step description of sauerkraut making is here. We should have the final word on how this batch turns out in a week to ten days.

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