Want To Have a Lovely Meal? First, Set a Pretty Table.



It’s sad but true that we live in an era when most meals are eaten standing up, while driving, or sitting in front of a TV.  It’s rumored that some people (I won’t mention names) eat breakfast while checking email and reading the news on line.  Folks, we can do better than this! A pleasant, calm dining environment shows we respect our food, and leads, I suspect, to better digestion, and better health. I created this vignette for friends who came to dinner last night. The pastel blue and pink color scheme seemed right for what turned out to be a balmy, open-the-windows-and-doors kind of evening. Better yet, it cost me nothing, as I rummaged my shelves and cupboards for odds and ends. And though I’m not much of a gardener, the flowers came from my little patio garden. So, my point is, making things pretty doesn’t necessarily cost a lot, it just takes a bit of time and imagination. I admit that I’m lucky, I have a cupboard full of lovely dishes, many of them gifted to me by my design consultant and friend, Frank Melanson. The place-setting bowls look Chinese, but are actually English (Maddock), probably midcentury. If there’s a moral to this story, I guess it would be: whether dining with friends or dining alone, take the time to make it pretty.


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    • Absolutely! Many of the dishes and other decorative items which have appeared in blog photos, right from the beginning, have been thanks to the generosity of my friend, Frank Melanson. Many Thanks!

  1. Hi Gary,
    I agree. My mother was an excellent entertainment cook and she always took pride in her table and set it the day before her party. I had 7 over yesterday for lunch (we cooked together) and did the same. It’s great fun to set the table and have it ready in anticipation. My centerpiece was three roma tomatoes on a mellow orange plate. I love to use food (lemons or limes) or floating flowers, so you can see one another across the table.
    But I read this blog while eating my breakfast.

  2. Hi Gary,

    For the students in middle school, setting the table is very important. We never eat a meal without table cloth, napkins and flowers. Some days, we have elaborate napkin folding going on and centerpieces way beyond my imagination. A wonderful outlet for the students creativity, as well as a chance for the many students, who rarely sit at a table with family and friends to share a meal.

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