During a Busy Summer of Cooking, Life Rushes On



Ever since I began posting on this blog nearly two years ago, you, my readers, have been a high priority for my time and creative energy.  While that remains true, sometimes life, with all its demands, rushes in. Lately that’s been true, in spades. The past couple weeks have been filled with cooking for 50 guys on a five-day retreat at Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, helping my friend Bob move from San Francisco to Santa Rosa, a brief visit from my sister and brother-in-law, writing menus for the next two months in Palo Alto, and now I’m up here again for three days cooking for 130 men. Added to that, for the first time in my life, at age 67, I’m contemplating buying a house. I’m still in the early stages: looking at houses on line, investigating neighborhoods, wondering how in the world I’ll get together the money for a down payment. More about this in another post, but it’s relevant to MacroChef because my hope is to turn my potential house and garden into a sort of research project which I’ll report on here. While all this is gratifying, it hasn’t left me much energy for this blog, but be assured, I miss you, and miss hearing from you. I have at least a half dozen posts in various stages of development, and I’ll be back on line with postings in a few days. Meanwhile, I hope you are having a relaxing time–let me know how your summer is unfolding. And stay cool!

Photos: Above–Celia, one of my terrific co-workers at the Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, preps corn on the cob. Below–Peach cobbler for 50. My recipe for a dairy-free cobbler topping is here.



5 responses

  1. Just wanted to thank you for all your time and effort in maintaining this blog! I am only new to the macrobiotic/vegan thing and this blog has been invaluable to me the last few weeks. It is incredible of you to do this (for free even!). It is much appreciated!

  2. Sara, It’s readers like you who make blogging so rewarding. Thanks so much for your comments. You are on a scintillating journey, just remember to keep it light. Gary

  3. Hi Gary~
    Whoo! homebuying, goodt timing!

    Been meaning to ask if you’d like a used- once Champion juicer~ large & heavy, but not commercial size.

    If so, I could bring it to dinner on Mon., so you could check it out.


  4. Yum, I can’t wait to make this one. Looks absolutely delish. Thank you for sharing, I am also excited to hear all about your new home project. I am somewhat of a lone wolf out here on macrobiotics so it is very inspiring to read your blog and learn more about cooking it up delish for my family of 8. Wishing I was local and helping you with all that corn. Happy cooking and good luck with the house hunt. The perfect one will show up at the perfect time. 🙂

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