May 5th: Save The Date For a New Japanese Vegetarian Cooking Class



Some of you have asked if Fumiko Arao and I are planning to offer another class in the art of Japanese vegetarian cooking. I’m excited to tell you that the answer is “yes.” We’ve scheduled the new class for Saturday, May 5th, beginning at 10 a.m. Like last year’s class, we’ll meet in the kitchen of First Baptist Church, 305 North California Avenue, Palo Alto. Fumi and I will get together in March to test recipes and finalize the menu, which will be completely different from last year.  Watch this space in March for menu details and a sneak preview. If you have a Japanese vegetarian dish you’d especially like to learn more about, leave a comment and let us know.  We’ll consider including it in the class. Also, if you live outside the Bay Area, for just $10, you can receive the recipes.  I’m hoping we can video part of the class, but I’m not certain if we’ll be able to work that in. In any case, save the date–May 5th. We’d like to meet as many MacroChef readers as we can.


Photos; Top– Fumi teaches how to prepare chirashi zushi at our cooking class June 25, 2011.  Above: We all sit down to eat a meal together at the end of the class. (Photos by Gerard Lum.)


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  1. Jolley, Yes, I too wish you could join us. I’ll try to post pictures of everything we make so those who can’t come will get a better idea of what it is. Out of curtesy to those who pay to come to the class, I don’t post the recipes we do in the class. I feel that I do post so many other recipes, and I want people who are able to attend the class to feel they are getting a good value. And, of course, participating in a cooking class is a much richer experience than reading a recipe. Thanks for following MacroChef and for commenting. Gary

  2. This upcoming Class sounds wonderful as did the last one you offered your


    Some friends and I were chatting about how wonderful these classes and your community sound.but we are very far from your location.

    We wish we had community so vibrant near us,
    you have even inspired us to offer Pot Lucks to start the ball rolling.

    It also came up during our chat

    that perhaps a sliding scale price for the recipes to be sent via email,

    could be considered due to the economy.

    Thanks for all the info & recipes you send out to us!

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