Who Reads MacroChef? (You May Be Surprised!)



When I began this blog two and a half years ago, I really had little idea what I was getting into. From time to time, it’s been a steep learning curve, but one I’ve been happy to engage. The feedback I get from you makes it rewarding, and the people at WordPress who host this and thousands of other blogs give marvelous technical support. I’m not here to promote WordPress, but I especially appreciate that they provide a great spam filter and easy-to-access statistics on MacroChef’s readership. One drawback up to now has been that it was difficult to determine where, geographically, all of you are located. Last week they pretty much fixed that. They now provide minute-by-minute updates to let me know, by country, where my readers are.

And that’s been a revelation. Of the eighteen hundred or so views this past week, well over half were located in the U.S., but many others view MacroChef from other prominent English-language countries such as Canada, Australia and the U.K. What’s been surprising to me, however, is that the remainder of MacroChef’s readership is spread out among more than fifty countries.  Would you believe that the country with the sixth most views this past week was Saudi Arabia? The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, India, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation also provided dozens more readers, while countries such as Uganda, Macedonia, Bengladesh and Bolivia accounted for one view each. Of course, I recognize that these statistics represent views, many of them generated from search engines such as Google, and not full-time readers. Never-the-less, it is gratifying to know that a diversity of people can find their way here, helped by the fact that English is such an international language.

While writing this blog is for me something between a hobby and a part time job, I do take MacroChef’s mission seriously. Among other improvements on my agenda, I hope to make the many recipes easier to find. In any case, whether you read this blog regularly or only once, it’s great to know you’re out there. Please feel free to let us know who you are, and where you are. Welcome to MacroChef, and come back again soon!

Update: If you click on “comments” (upper left side of the post), you will find out who some of the other MacroChef readers are, and where they live.  Thanks to everyone for commenting!


Illustration: World map first published in Antwerp in 1570, from the Library of Congress (via Wikipedia)


7 responses

  1. I live in Burlington, VT and have been a macro chef in the past, done a lot of catering and cooking classes; I love macro food and cook in that way as much as I can; at the present time I’m not actively doing any cooking – need an assistant (JK)

  2. I live in Nashville, TN and have been a regular reader for the past year and a half or so. It’s great to hear what a diverse following you have. Thanks for sharing your stories and recipes with all of us!

  3. I am very lucky & blessed to know Gary since he is the magical Monday night chef for the Peninsula Macrobiotic Community here in Palo Alto, and has been for some 24 years! Every Monday is an experience of healthy, great tasting, and often innovative food combinations, and he seems to do it effortlessly, as all good artists do. But looking closely, he is evaluating, comparing, and costing out the meals he is producing. And then later, he is breaking down his recipes to serve not 100+ but 4-6, so we can co-create this food sharing experience with him.

    I was married to a man who cooked like Gary, and I like being waited on, a little too much. I always said I had a ‘cooking block’, but really blocks are just behaviors and with effort they can be changed. So as a great art appreciator, I started reading Gary’s blog filled with beautiful photographs and wonderful food stories. That got me hooked. I also love Gary’s soups, and I wanted more soup in my life, so I turned the recipes in the blog into word documents so I could easily print and cook the soups. And the soups are easy to cook! And they are delicious and healthy, and I am more involved and independent because of Gary and this blog.

    The fact that people are reading this blog from all over the world, and cooking from it, and getting inspired by it, makes me know that this is a small world, and each one of us can make a difference like Chef Gary Alinder does with this blog. Make a soup! Cook a recipe! Share, and tell a friend! It’s a small world after all!

  4. My spouse and I started on a macrobiotic lifestyle over a year ago, and I found Gary’s blog while looking for recipes. Now I am hooked. We are blessed here in Asheville, NC, to have an active macrobiotic and vegan community, and we attend monthly macrobiotic potlucks with this new group of friends. Gary’s recipes have helped us come up with very tasty contributions to these potlucks.

  5. I am subscribed to your blog and it´s one of my favourites! I started a macrobiotic blog some months ago myself 🙂 I am originally from the Czech Republic, studied for half a year at the Kushi Institute in the Netherlands and right now am living in Slovenia 🙂

  6. I love to read your posts, found your blog about a half year ago, I’m a regular reader.
    I started macrobiotics almost two years ago.
    I like your recipes, sometimes I cook them and sometimes they give me ideas for new recipes. I also like your stories 🙂
    So thank you for writing this blog!

    Best wishes from Budapest, Hungary 🙂

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