Who Read MacroChef in 2012?




I guess I am old enough to still be amazed at what a wondrous tool is this marvel we call the internet. You write a blog post, publish it, and it can be read by people all over the globe. Every year WordPress, the blogging platform I use, gives me a year-end summary telling me who read what on MacroChef. Even though I was less active in writing new posts in 2012, my blog received more than 110,000 views, an all-time high. Viewers are largely from the U.S., but readers came from 148 other countries as well, including 6,000 from Canada, 188 from Saudi Arabia, 3 from Myanmar, 2 from Uruguay, and one each from Zambia, Kazakhstan and China. And while my blog typically gets 250-300 views per day, on October 2nd, it received 11,861.  How did that happen?  It turns out the popular site Reddit linked to a post I’d put up in 2011 in which I published color photographs my father took in Southern California in the 1940’s. In all, about 25,000 viewers came to take a look! The second most popular post this past year was my recipe for sweet potato latkes.  Who knew that latkes would prove so popular? An so, it is you, dear readers, who make blogging fun. That you continue to read, even though my posting has been sporadic, I owe you my thanks. And special thanks to those of you who comment. Bloggers live for comments, and to you I say, muchas gracias!  May 2013 be an insightful and prosperous year for us all!


Photo: Venice Beach, one of many color photographs my father, Edward Alinder, took in Southern California in the 1940’s. Note the two little kids in the foreground. That’s me on the left and my cousin Joan on the right.  So long ago! Because these photos proved so popular, I plan to publish another collection of them soon.

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  1. Congratulations, Gary! 148 countries, and 188 readers from Saudia Arabia alone, proving that food is a central and shared love and interest all around the globe, and that we do inhabit a small world after all!

    I truly love the mix of your midwest plains to California history, and the life that led you to your experience with food and cooking. Even though cooking does not come naturally to me, your blog is inspirational, and when I do make one of your recipes, I am certain it will turn out to be really good, and really good and healthy.

    It is so heartening to know that when I open a post, hundreds of others from all around the world are opening it to. You and your blog present an opening for the one world, and one love world we hope and pray for. I, for one, am very blessed to know you and your blog! Godspeed always! Sky ANN

  2. Dear Gary,


    Sooner or later the world had to catch on to your wonderful writing, recipes and pictures.

    Looking forward to more of everything in 2013.

    Thank you,

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