Thought for the Day: Wisdom From Buddha’s Little Instruction Book


Buddha Shakyamuni


“Life lives on life, we all eat and are eaten, when we forget this, we cry; when we remember this, we can nourish one another.”

–from Buddha’s Little Instruction Book by Jack Kornfield.

Image: Buddha Shakyamuni, also known as Siddharta Gautama, is considered to be the founder of what came to be known as Buddhism. Click here for more about this and similar depictions of the Buddha.

Hints From “Buddha’s Little Instruction Book”

“When you eat, eat slowly and listen to your body. Let your stomach tell you when to stop, not your eyes or your tongue.”

–from “Buddha’s Little Instruction Book,” by Jack Kornfield.  Kornfield is one of the best-known teachers of Buddhism in the U.S. and a founder of the Spirit Rock Center, Woodacre, Marin County.  Click here to participate with him in a brief guided meditation.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

Early poster for original Earth Day (Earth Week)

Little did we know back in 1970 that the need for more awareness of how to live consciously on this planet would be even more urgent 40 years later.  But there it is.  Is there any better work than caring for mother earth? Each of us making little changes, creates a big change. Thank you for doing what you.  Never get discouraged, never give up.  I, for one, commit to being bolder and more imaginative this year.  Suggestions as to how to live that, highly welcome!

Mary Morgan’s Travels: Storm Over Kauai

Mary Morgan's view of a storm blowing in over Kauai

Blog contributor Mary Morgan’s latest travels take her to Kauai, from there she reports:

I was on the trail this morning before dawn. Strong storm came in. The seas are a foam. And high winds. I made it down from the mountains in about 6 hours, but with beauty of humpback whales breaching into the rainbows hanging over the seas, and waterfalls gushing out from black volcano rock, and birds of the jungles calling with the rain coming down kissing the rain forest.

Magical. I wouldn’t have given it up for a million sunlit hikes.

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Remembering Those Dear to Us

Russell Silva, March 22, 1952-February 4, 1990

It is almost impossible to believe that it is twenty years today since our community lost a talented  chef and gardener, and I parted with a dear friend and lover, Russell Silva.

I met Russell when he came to one of the early macrobiotic community dinners a few of us were doing in San Francisco back in 1986.  He soon became my partner in those dinners and, all too briefly, in life.  I said at the time that we only had one date.  After that, as far as I was concerned, we were a couple. I am grateful to Russell for so much, for revealing to me a greater capacity for love, for allowing me to love him, and for sharing with me that intimate moment when he passed from this life. Continue reading

Mary Morgan’s India Journal

I was deeply touched by the affection of the men of India.  These two men, the captain and the cook on my houseboat, are both married and have children. But they have lived together and slept together on this boat the past six years.

January 21, 2010:  MEN LOVING MEN

Blog contributor and world traveler Mary Morgan is in the middle of a five-week journey through India, her first time in the country.  While there, she is visiting Indian families, seeking out ashrams and working with a publisher on a proposed Indian edition of “Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care.” Follow her daily posts are after the jump… Continue reading

How Did 2009 Treat You?


For many of us, 2009 has been a challenging year.  Sickness, accidents, money worries, mid-life crisis, readers of this blog no doubt experienced these and more. What happened to you this year?  How did you cope? What resources did you draw on? What did you learn about yourself? Macrochef readers, here is a chance to share your successes and doubts, short comings and achievements.  Did you have an “ah-ha” moment, when something hidden became starkly clear?  I invite you, in a brief and to-the-point essay, to tell us how you experienced this year.  And what affirmations/aspirations do you have for 2010? E-mail them to me ( or leave them as comments.  I will compile them, editing them slightly for length if necessary, in a year-end post.  I know you to be a bright and creative lot,  so have your say and check back in 10-12 days and see what insights other community members shared.  This is your blog too!

The Experience of Awakening


Mary Morgan, activist, seeker, writer, world-traveler, shares  her thoughts (below) on the  experience of  awakening.  This is Mary’s first contribution to Macrochef and we  hope her insights will become a regular feature.   Welcome Mary!


Hyde Park covered in Snow

The geese love this snow.

They sniff and poke at it.

A black and white bird unknown to me comes to play and perform.

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