What To Take To A Potluck: Cole Slaw Gets A Makeover



There was a time when cole slaw was pretty much something I avoided eating at all costs. Perhaps it was that when I was a kid, the slaw I encountered was little more than chopped cabbage combined with copious quantities of mayonnaise straight from the jar. The very thought of it makes me shudder! But that was, after all, a long time ago, and cole slaw has moved on. Today’s slaw takes cabbage as a given, but can include so many other ingredients which add contrasting sweetness and crunch. Jicama, it seems to me, is made for cole slaw, as are apples and dried fruit–all of which find their way into this new classic recipe. If you decide to add dried fruit, as I do here, I suggest you hydrate it by rinsing or soaking it in warm water. The fruit will be ever so much more moist and tender. Mayonnaise here is the basis of the dressing, but it’s so lightened with other ingredients that you barely recognize the starting point. You’ll no doubt think of all kinds of  ways to improvise on this recipe, and you won’t go wrong as long as you keep it light and fresh. Recipe after the jump.


Photos: Top–this recipe is pot luck ready– it makes 8-10 servings.  Above–Serving suggestion, cole slaw goes beautifully with barbecue tempeh sandwiches (recipe here).

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