Locavore: Why We Love Meyer Lemons

Dwarf Meyer lemon tree in a pot on my patio

When I moved from San Francisco to a place in Vallejo with a sunny patio, I decided to fulfill a long-time wish to have my own Meyer lemon tree. I bought this dwarf tree about a year and a half ago, and as you can see, it looks to produce quite a few lemons this year. In fact, I need to thin the tiny lemons to allow larger growth for the remaining ones. It has a southern exposure, I feed it with a mix designed for citrus, and last year I pruned it back quite a lot. As meyer lemons tend to thrive in this climate and, legend has it, do well in pots, I hope to have a steady crop for years to come. More on Meyer lemons and a recipe for my vegan Meyer lemon-maple mousse after the jump.

Creamy Meyer Lemon-Maple Mousse (recipe after the jump)

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