Happy New Year! Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit…

Four-legged members of our community: these Palo Alto bunnies, "Tofu" and "Flower," celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by chopping on organic kale stems, provided by our Monday night dinners. (photos by Paul Schmitt--more after the jump)


Kitchen volunteer and musician/philosopher Paul Schmitt reminded me yesterday that not all those who participate in our Palo Alto Monday Night Dinner community are two legged. These pet rabbits participate too when they chomp on fresh vegetable scraps which Paul collects and brings them after our dinners. We agreed that feeding the bunnies is particularly timely now because we’re celebrating Chinese New Year and beginning the Year of the Rabbit, the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Those born in rabbit years are thought to be articulate, talented and ambitious and to be compatible with those born in the year of the sheep, pig and dog. This year should prove to be  placid, relaxed and unhurried, compared to last year’s ferocious Year of the Tiger. View last night’s Chinese New Year Menu and more bunny pictures after the jump… Continue reading