Food and Culture of Bali

Photographer, adventure traveler and blog contributor Harley Shapiro has arrived in Indonesia on the last leg of his three-month sojourn through South Asia. His first stop is Bali which he last visited 30 years ago and  from where he sends these photos of Balinese food and life.  He also plans to visit the Indonesian islands of Lompoc and Gilli. View Harley’s Balinese photo gallery after the jump. (Above: gado gado salad with tofu, tempeh and peanut sauce.)

View of guest house

View from guest house

Special noodles with duck and peanut sauce

Reclining Buddha


Black rice pudding, coconut ice cream and fresh fruit

Temple with lotus gardens

Another view of temple

Grasshopper that jumps and flies

Local flora

One response

  1. These photographs really make me feel like flying off to Bali! I especially love the photo of the gado gado salad with the indonesian tempeh featured prominently; the protector is wonderful, as are the lotus gardens and huge grasshopper.
    I wonder if the grasshoppers are eaten in Bali, and if they are what they taste like? Well done by all!

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